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Violeta is the founder of isavenvestify.com She is a teacher-OFW teaching English in China.  She authored several eBooks such as: How Can Teachers Start Investing In the Stock Market, What Is On The Other Side,  The Big Fat Fish, and the new physical book My Buckets That Boost My Bucks -4 Secret Passive Income Builder For A busy Teacher


She has created an online masterclass that has been helping teachers, and ordinary employees and their partners, and also OFWs in starting their own stock market investment and invest in it healthily, worry-free, and independently. 

Here's What You'll Discover:




Secret #1

Fail-Proof Starter Strategy

Pay Attention In The Webinar And Find Out:

Why is the stock market ONE of the BEST place I invest my money in and how my 3 EASY to follow steps enable me to invest cautiously, healthily, and worry-free




Secret #2

Stock Sorting Blueprint For Dummies

Pay Attention In The Webinar And Discover:


How I create a simple blueprint in sorting stocks that tells me what good stocks to buy EVEN IF I am not a Finance or Economics Expert




Secret #3

Stock Prompting Tools For A Busy Teacher

Pay Attention In The Webinar And See:

How I was able to monitor and manage my stocks EVEN IF I am too busy teaching in my classroom and checking students' work in the office.